S.BI.B.E., is the formal institutional representative of the Greek biofuels industry, was established in autumn 2007and comprises of 5 Greek companies producing renewable fuels (biodiesel).


Our vision is that biofuels be the focal piece of a national energy policy that gives priority to cleaner, domestic, renewable fuels and a national agricultural policy that creates benefits, synergies and sustainability in the relations between farmers and producers of renewable fuels.


S.BI.B.E.'s mission is to promote the environmentally and economically sustainable production of renewable fuel that creates benefits for the industry and farmers in relation to the national interest for energy security and reduce the country's dependence on imported fossil fuels.


The aims of the association are: protecting the environment, reducing pollution and promoting biofuels namely BIODIESEL in GREECE AND ABROAD.

a) Promoting the professional, economic, social and moral interests of its members, especially the joint study and treatment of sectoral problems of general and local.

b) The application of ethical rules governing the exercise of the Industrial Commercial - Industrial profession and ensuring collaborative and collegial solidarity.

c) The active involvement of the Association in general issues of National Economy for economic growth locally and generally in Greece.

d) Participation in Committees determining oil policy, economic policy and rural policy and intervention in matters relating to the objectives of the Association.

e) Cooperation with European institutions, organizations and chambers throughout Europe and the Balkans.

f) The development and utilisation of national and European programs.



Participating companies



Sotiris A. Folias, President of the Board of Directors

Ioannis Tyhalas, Vice President of the Board of Directors

Stelios Gouniotis, Secretary General

Nikolaos Tsangalidis, Treasurer

Sotiris Sotiriadis, Member