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H Ευρώπη ρίχνει τον πήχη στα συμβατικά βιοκαύσιμα

Greek Biofuels: Dynamic Solution to the Energy Independence Country, Interview of Mr. Nick Tsagalidis - MILOIL to Mr. Euclid Karagiannidis for United Reporters /

Biofuels: one more missed opportunity, by Mr. Sotiris A. Folias, Green Issue


The arguments and lobbying the various makers and operators connecting the sustainability of biofuels to land fell on deaf ears thus removed from the sustainability criteria. In this way, the proposal opens the way for the future of biofuels should gradually begin to invest in new first outside traditional materials. Read related articles

European Voice: Proposal to Limit Biofuel Land Impact Weakened

Guardian:Biofuels: EU weakens proposals to reduce indirect climate impact Fuel suppliers will not be responsible for emissions that biofuels create through forest clearance and peatland draining.

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Biodiesel back from the dead as EU drops ILUC factors


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In Vietnamthe government is developing a plan to promote biofuels production and consumption. Submitted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the plan will include 5% mandatory biofuel use in some big cities The country currently has only 150 pump stations offering biofuels and low demand is attributed to consumers' lack of understanding of its benefits. The plan includes increased production of ethanol and biodiesel to 1.8 million tons through 2015 with a vision to expand the plan to 2025.

In SwitzerlandClariant Corporation, an international chemicals company, has recently joined the Advanced Ethanol Council The AEC was formed in 2011 as an alliance of companies seeking to promote advanced ethanol production and technology. In July 2012, Clariant opened its demonstration cellulosic ethanol plant in Germany

In AustraliaSWW Energy has demonstrated the potential for wastewater to biofuel conversion. In conjunction with U.S. partner, White Mountain Group the companies are determining if wastewater that contains vegetable or petroleum polymer oil can be refined into a fuel base and then into biodiesel. Wastewater was sourced from interceptor wastewater, transported non-hazardous water sources and sump waste water, all typical waste streams found in developed, urban areas.

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