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Significant development for the industry

On 28th January the EU adopted the following regulation for the mandatory registration of imports of biodiesel in Argentina and Indonesia:

of 28 January 2013 concerning the compulsory registration of imports of biodiesel originating in Argentina and Indonesia

On 29th August 2012 the European Commission (the "Commission") issued a notice published in the Official Journal of the European Union ('notice of initiation') by which the initiation of anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of biodiesel originating in Argentina and Indonesia ('the countries concerned') following a complaint lodged on 17 July 2012 by the European Biodiesel Board (¬ęthe complainant ') on behalf of producers repre senting more than 25% of total EU biodiesel production (the complaint was supported and S.BI.B.E.).

The product on the recording is the same as
specified in the notice of initiation,
i.e. fatty acid monoalkyl esters and / or paraffinic
oils obtained from synthesis and / or hydro, non-fossil origin, in pure form or in a mixture, which is currently
CN codes ex 1516 20 98, ex 1518 00 91,
ex 1518 00 95, ex 1518 00 99, ex 2710 19 43,
ex 2710 19 46, ex 2710 19 47, 2710 20 11,
2710 20 15, 2710 20 17, ex 3824 90 97, 3826 00 10
and ex 3826 00 90 originating in Argentina and Indonesia.

(3) Following the publication of the notice of initiation, the complainant requested the September 2012
imports of the product concerned to undergo
to registration in accordance with Article 14 paragraph 5 of
basic Regulation, so that the measures taken
then in such imports be applied
from the date of such registration.

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2 January 2013







Inaugural S.BI.B.E. Conference, March 2013 "Biofuels: Looking ahead to 2020".


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5 November 2012



S.BI.B.E. Comments and Positions on the Consultation on the 'Definition of criteria and allocation methodology verbatim biodiesel "


16 October 2012




S.BI.B.E. Comments - Suggestions for Public Consultation Draft Completion of Authorization Regulation, MD No. D2/16570/7.9.2005 (GG 1306/V/16.9.2005) for licensing Biofuels Distribution, Law 3054/2002, as amended and in force.


27 September 2012 Announced reallocation of biodiesel for the year 2012 ...